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Supreme Court of the United States -Official Seal

Supreme Court of the United States: One Unwritten Rule

If you are one of the lucky few to be granted certiorari by the United States Supreme Court, then congratulations. You are indeed among a rarified group of appellate practitioners. Procedural rules for the High Court are a mixture of traditional preferences and practical judicial review. A well-known preference of The Nine is that attorneys […]

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8th Circuit Court of Appeals - Official Seal

8th Circuit Court of Appeals Electronic & Paper Filings: 2 Key Local Rules

Today, all of the Federal Circuit Courts require an electronic submission through the Case Management and Electronic Case Filing system (CM/ECF.) The majority of the courts eliminate service of a paper copy of the brief if opposing counsel is a registered user of the CM/ECF system. However, the 8th Circuit is one of the exceptions. […]

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Second Circuit Court of Appeals -official seal

Filing an Appeal in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals

Appealing to the Second Circuit? Make sure you do not change a single word in the official caption. Use the Official Caption and you are one step closer to your appeal being accepted. Caveat: Changes to the 2nd Circuit’s caption should always be confirmed with the Case Manager early in the process. Check the caption at […]

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NY Appellate Division – 4th Department Filings

Of all four New York Appellate Division courts, the Fourth Department is the only court with cover color requirements. Just as in the federal courts, the initial brief’s cover must be blue, the respondent’s brief red, and reply brief covers in gray. It is also important to meet the Fourth Department’s requirement for preparing the […]

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Tips on NY Appellate Division First Department E-Filings

In the New York State Supreme Court -Appellate Division, First Department, filers are required to submit an electronic version via email of every brief and record on appeal or appendix physically filed with the office. The following key tips are helpful in preparing the files. >The First Department prefers text-searchable versions of the brief and […]

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state efiling rules

Texas High Court Orders New Efiling Codes & Statewide Standards

The Texas Supreme Court has ordered new technology standards set by the Judiciary Committee on Information Technology for its recently mandated e-filing protocols under Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 21 and Texas Rule of Appellate Procedure 9. *Texas SC Improves New E-filing with Unified Codes [Tweet this ] The new standards apply to both filers […]

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Gavel and Rules of civil procedure

Pennsylvania Unified Courts Consider ‘No Right to Oral Argument’

The nation’s oldest federal court has put the Bar on notice that it is considering striking Rule 211 regarding Oral Arguments. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Civil Procedural Rules Committee has proposed that “Rule of Civil Procedure 211 governing oral argument be rescinded …” *PA Courts may rescind right to Oral Arguments [Tweet this] According to […]

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hyperlinked document

Hyperlinks Pilot Program in NY Supreme Court

The Commercial Division of the New York Supreme Court announced that two of its judges will be piloting a program to enhance certain electronic filings by incorporating hyperlinks. All cases assigned to Judge Scarpulla, (Commercial Division Part 39) and Judge Oing (Commercial Division Part 48) will be subject to the test formats for the hyperlinks […]

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