About AppellateU

Welcome to the appellateU blog! Our mission at appellateU is to help advance the practical and professional goals of all litigators, paralegals and related support providers involved in litigation with a range of focus that reaches the appeal process.

Our position is one of advocacy for the legal profession. Our editorial content will voice positives over negatives, and will often celebrate the judicial process and all those who dedicate their careers to that process through their commitment to seek out equity and uphold the rule of law.

We hope to build a diverse and inclusive community where anyone who has made the decision to be a law practitioner, those already in practice and all who support the practice of law can come to gain insight and share knowledge. We believe in and strongly support the legal community. It is an esteemed and highly productive community made up of advocates and attorneys, paralegals, jurists, and support providers.

AppellateU is a company blog and will occasionally display advertisements for Record Press, Inc. The team of appellate service providers and printers at Record Press are themselves dedicated individuals comprised of highly skilled technicians, paralegals and attorneys who work in unison to advance and perfect a litigant’s appeal.

Appellate Education and Training

Taking a matter to appeal is a unique and particular endeavor. In the legal community, appeals are often necessary during the course of advocating for a client. With over 18 years of appellate procedural practice and experience, our team of appellate advocates at Record Press aim to spread their knowledge and technical expertise to the larger community of legal professionals.

Accredited by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board, Record Press staff counsel have prepared and refined CLE offerings targeted to appellate filing and procedure in state and federal appeals courts.

In today’s e-filing environments, appellate work involves many moving parts that are especially critical to perfecting an appeal. Educating litigators in appellate filing and procedure is a primary goal of the team at Record Press, and we will be posting those efforts here on appellateU.

Check our Public Events Calendar for upcoming, innovative CLE courses that we will be offering both online, and onsite.


We invite you to leave commentary on any post, freely register for an event, make any inquiries directly by contacting us, subscribe to the blog’s feed, or to otherwise participate and share in building community.

Writing Pledge
Readers of this blog can also expect that our writing will always adhere to our “no acronyms,” “no abbreviations,” and no unnecessary hyphenation policy. We pledge to write in a straightforward manner that puts the burden of understanding squarely upon us, as opposed to the reader. Long names like the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers will necessarily become “ICANN” after first mention, but only if referenced more than twice.
And, while hyphenated abbreviations like hi-def and low-cal are perfectly acceptable, arbitrary or unnecessary hyphenations like “L-school” are not. That said, if you should ever spot an infraction, or, if you just want to let us know how we’re doing, please head over to our contact page and drop us a line.