2013 How-To Guide

waves of legal technology 2013 How To Guide |The Waves of Technology in the Legal Sector

Read an illuminating article covering the history of the federal CM/ECF System, which led to the progression of electronic filing systems nationwide. Our own Natasha Monell, Esq. writes this history-based article for the New York Law Journal’s special How-to section.

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  1. Electronic Case Filing Systems Primer: U.S. Appeals Courts | appellateU blog - December 19, 2013

    […] Application can be made of Shakespeare’s words of wisdom to the oft-confusing world of electronic case filing (ECF.) The degree to which courts nationwide now depend upon electronic case filing systems is far beyond threshold levels. The push toward a fully digitized flow of court work is speeding forward, and computerized innovations continue to take shape in the courts. […]

  2. E-filing Dictionary: Bounced Mail |E-briefs | appellateU blog - May 29, 2014

    […] platforms such that judges can read the e-brief on their iPad or tablet of preference. This judicial preference toward portable consumption is projected to grow over the coming […]

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