NY State Court of Appeals

NY: Hold on to Oral Argument for Non-enumerated Appeals

In New York appellate practice, procedure and rules for oral argument vary by court. In general, only one attorney per party will be allowed to argue, as in the Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court. In the Appellate Division, First Department, counsel is required to consult on whether they wish to argue or submit. […]

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Apellate filing and assembly pro

E-filing Dictionary: ECF Help Desks & E-file Training

Update: ECF Help Desks Phone Directory We wanted to share with you via the PACER website an all-on-one page directory of the Help Desk phone numbers for federal district, bankruptcy, and appellate courts updated as at August 12th, 2014. To access a federal court’s Help Desk phone number, visit PACER online at: https://www.pacer.gov/cmecf/ecf_hd_phone.html *Note that […]

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efiling dictionary: e-briefs

E-filing Dictionary: Bounced Mail |E-briefs

This installment of our e-filing dictionary contains just two entries: “Bounced Email” and “e-Briefs.” Both terms are of equal weight and importance in the new world of electronic court filing, and each deserves concentrated attention. Bounced Email Bounced email is a term used to describe undelivered emails as a result of the email address no […]

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ECF efiling error

E-filing Rejections: How to Avoid ECF Blunders

Electronic case filing systems (ECF) now standard in many courts, as well as those being implemented across the country, are viewed by most as a technological godsend. ECF systems offer convenience and efficiencies not available to a paper environment. Yet, a court’s ECF system can only be as good as its users afford it to […]

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ecf emails

ECF Systems: Beware of Email Notification Reliance

Your litigation support staff is top-notch. They not only never miss a beat, but are always several beats ahead… So imagine the confusion that would arise if your case manager learns that your post-trial motions had been disposed of and ordered on by the judge well over a month ago, unbeknownst to you and your […]

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Stop clock -timely filed appeals

Appellate Filing: 2nd Circuit Updates Timely Filed Rules

Practitioners working in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals have now been given fair warning by the Court: wait until the last minute to file your brief, and you risk not only dismissal of your appeal, but also sanctions. The Court issued its updated rules to attorneys on its Announcements page earlier this month, which […]

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efiling dictionary

E-filing Dictionary: CM/ECF 11:59 Deadline & Procedure

The National Association of Court Administrators estimates that all courts in the U.S. will be paperless by the year 2025. States are implementing electronic case filing (ECF) systems at seemingly breakneck speeds, with Texas being the most recent –and largest- state to incorporate mandatory efiling. Federal courts utilize the federal case management and electronic case […]

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Law Firm IT -Network security dept

What Stronger Cybersecurity Measures Means for Efilers

Recent Internet threats have made headlines by fundamentally affecting court operations and law practices across the nation. From the latest email scam targeting legal professionals, to the 3-hour incapacitation of the federal courts’ CM/ECF system on Jan. 24th, legal practitioners everywhere can readily conclude that stronger network security measures are in the works. But how […]

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waves of legal technology

2013 How-To Guide

2013 How To Guide |The Waves of Technology in the Legal Sector Read an illuminating article covering the history of the federal CM/ECF System, which led to the progression of electronic filing systems nationwide. Our own Natasha Monell, Esq. writes this history-based article for the New York Law Journal’s special How-to section.

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efiling dictionary

E-filing Dictionary: 5 User Terms

Filing a document to a federal appellate court’s electronic case filing system (ECFS) entails familiarity with the system’s user terminology. Following are 5 User-specific defined terms that prove essential to a smooth ECF experience. 1. ECF Registration. Your appellate ECF account must be cleared by each federal circuit in which you are admitted to and […]

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